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 Online Growth
For Scaling Companies 

Supercharge your online growth with AI optimisation for as little as €100

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What We Offer

Leveraging Data to Supercharge Growth

At Glitch, our main focus is removing the insights gap that exists between marketing and sales. By leveraging the rich campaign data and integrating it back into the sales pipeline, our users can supercharge growth like never before.

AI-Powered Optimisation

Our AI-powered solutions ensure that your campaigns are dynamic and targeted to the right audience. We use the latest AI technologies and automation to optimise campaigns.

Actionable Performance Updates

We believe that data is the key to success in online growth. Our AI enables you to make informed decisions to improve results within seconds. This data is seamlessly shared back into your sales pipeline to reduce silos between marketing and sales.

 99% Faster

We make it easy to grow your customer base using online campaigns, no matter what your budget or expertise. Using AI and automation we streamline the process, so you can start acquiring customers 99% quicker than doing it yourself. 

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